Wanderlust Pup

Wanderlust Pup

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An Action Pack for the pup who likes to explore the great outdoors! Includes an Outward Hound DayPak or a Hands-Free Hipster leash, collapsible water bowl, and 2 types of endurance treats for active dogs. Treats may vary from those shown but are always made in the USA and free of wheat, corn, and soy.

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Choose the gear:

  • DayPak
  • Hipster

Choose the size:

  • Hipster: Select "One Size" option. This option is a hands-free leash with an adjustable belt, 5 zipper pockets, and a water bottle
  • DayPak: Use sizing instructions below and check out this article from the manufacturer
  • Length: 10.5+ in
  • Neck: 8-10 in
  • Chest: 11-15 in
  • Length: 12.5+ in
  • Neck: 10-14 in
  • Chest: 21-27 in
  • Length: 14.5 in
  • Neck: 14-18 in
  • Chest: 28-32 in

Please use gear and treats according to manufacturer recommendations. During outdoor activity, please supervise your dog and monitor for overexertion and adverse reactions to temperature (hypothermia, overheating, dehydration).