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A treat pack for use in training or with our Action Packs. Includes 5-6 treats that are grain free and made in the USA. Treats may vary from those shown.

Tell us your dog's size and pick your pack:

Dog Size:

  • S: 0-30 lb
  • M: 30-60 lb
  • L: 60+ lb

Treat Pack:

  • Pup Puzzler Treats: includes small treats for use in the interactive feeders/puzzles (toys sold separately in the Pup Puzzler)
  • Endurance Treats: includes endurance treats for use with our outdoor activity packs (Picnic Pup, Sporty Pup, Wanderlust Pup, or Water Pup)
  • Variety Pack: includes a variety of treats included in our Action Packs


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