Donation Pack: MWDTSA

Donation Pack: MWDTSA

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K9 Veterans Day Toy and Treat Drive for MWDTSA! Please order by 2/23/18.

K9 Veterans Day is March 13! Donate to help the Military Working Dog Team Support Association fill Honor Boxes for retired Military Working Dogs. Send a KONG Classic alone or add some KONG Real Peanut Butter for even more fun! The MWDTSA will add these goodies to the other toys and treats they will be sending in the Honor Boxes. 

For this special drive, we'll donate 100% of the proceeds from your purchase to MWDTSA. We ship these donated items to the organization for free, but if you would like to help MWDTSA with their shipping costs of the Honor Boxes, please consider adding a cash donation to your order (select your desired amount from the dropdown menu). After purchase, you'll receive a coupon code from Action-Packed Pup for 25% off your next purchase for your own dog. You will also receive a tax receipt from MWDTSA. 

On behalf of MWDTSA, thank you for your support! And, please spread the word about this toy and treat drive for these incredibly deserving pups!! 




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