Tips on Using Interactive Feeders and Puzzles

The interactive toys are great for engaging your dog’s brain during treat time or regular meal times. The toys can be used to feed an entire meal or stuffed with a combination of dog food, treats, or even chopped raw veggies!! Adding a variety of tasty morsels to the toys increases the interest and the challenge!

The Outward Hound Bionic Ball requires little learning — all your dog needs is a tongue and a “go-getter” attitude! Fill the ball with the KONG Real Peanut Butter, Puppy Scoops Ice Cream, or a combination of both. To increase the challenge, mix in some treats and chopped veggies and freeze until firm. For a lower calorie option, consider stuffing the ball with plain pureed pumpkin, chopped veggies, and only a few treats.

The KONG Genius (or Extreme) is a bit more challenging. When introducing your pup to this toy, it is best to start out with mostly small treats that are easy to retrieve. If treats are too large and challenging to retrieve, your dog might lose interest and give up. Once your dog has learned how to “crack the code” of the toy, try adding larger treats to increase the challenge. For a lower calorie option, consider using mostly chopped raw veggies and only a few treats of varying sizes.

The dog puzzles are also more challenging, probably even more so than the KONG toys. When introducing your pup to this toy, you may need to help find the treats, but soon enough, your dog should get the hang of it! Be patient and encouraging! Treats of any size can be used, as long as they fit in the puzzle compartments. As with the other toy options, the puzzles can be stuffed with treats, regular dog food, or even chopped veggies. Depending on the brand/model, the puzzle compartments can also be filled with plain pureed pumpkin or peanut butter and a few treats and then placed in the freezer until firm. 

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