About Us

Action-Packed Pup is a small, family-owned business with grand aspirations--to improve the lives of dogs everywhere! Based in Northern Colorado, in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, we began from the simple idea of improving activity levels in our dogs during busy times when we weren’t able to provide them with as much exercise as they needed. We learned about interactive dog feeders and puzzles and decided to give them a try. Interactive feeders give the dog a “job” or challenge that keeps their brains active. The dogs get the necessary mental stimulation while playing with the toy, and we get the peace of mind that our dogs are being active, even when we can't be active with them. This was just the solution we needed for our dogs. Action-Packed Pup now offers customized “Action Packs” that promote mental and physical activity in dogs and enhance their overall wellbeing while providing their people with convenience and peace of mind.

One of our main missions is to help shelter, service, and military working dogs, so we also offer the option of purchasing a “Donation Pack” that can be donated to one of our participating nonprofits or to one of your choice. We also donate a portion of the proceeds from those sales to the organization.

We hope you will try our products for your pup and consider donating them to a pup in need as well!

Here’s to happy, healthy pups!

Action-Packed Pup